23 July 2010

My Fitness Hero

What does it mean that I wrote a fan e-mail to Tamilee Webb, creator of the mega-popular VHS and DVD series 'Abs of Steel' and 'Buns of Steel'?

I told Ms. Webb I used the exercises I learned from her videos (bought by me for average 50 cents at local thrift stores) to do regular 'hut-based workouts' while in Africa. The result of my hut-based workouts? I remained strong in the core for the long-distance bicycle riding and hauling, water-toting and general fitness that two years in (semi)rural Africa require.

I also requested an autographed picture for the blank walls at home or work. We'll see if the busy fitness star can accommodate my humble request. It is good to have things - like the mail - to look forward to.

UPDATE: Three-and-a-half weeks later and still no response from Tamilee Webb.I guess I am dead to her.

9 months later: Still nothing. Hope is fading.

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  1. Almost two weeks have passed now and no response from Tamilee Webb. Sigh*