17 August 2010

GetAbout Columbia progress

I worked briefly with Get About Columbia before Lisa and I headed out to join the Peace Corps. I had a tinge of regret at leaving what was a really unique opportunity for me but not wanting to live life with any regret I got over that and went and tried to be the best darned Peace Corps volunteer that I could be.

Construction on some major Get About Columbia projects is happening now. A sidewalk along Stadium Boulevard is being built now (Aside: there's nothing boulevard-like about it. It's a highway running through my town). A Bike Boulevard is going in along East Ash Street. A much-needed sidewalk/pedway is being paved parallel to Providence Road generally between Green Meadows and Southampton Roads. This is all great news for those of us who bike and walk in Columbia, Missouri.

Having this new bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure is gonna make an already awesome place so much better for getting around without burning fossil fuels.

-A Fossil Fool

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