24 November 2010

New sidewalk draws yawns

Okay, so no one yawned when we got our new sidewalk recently, but there were not necessarily parades to mark the occasion. The deal is this: several years ago the City of Columbia resurfaced our street. That's fine and needed, but in not milling the street down the City raised the street higher than my sidewalk and curb. This led to water cascading down the street - what is wants to do anyway - and washing across my yard. This water was in quantities that over time proved to be destructive (Topsoil erosion! Maple tree roots exposed! Gnashing of teeth! Ripping of hair!)

My City Councilman Daryl Dudley was approachable and within a few weeks of me calling him and him communicating my problem with Columbia's City Administration. The City Streets Division came, tore out the old and put in a new, higher sidewalk.

Now the rest my street may be none too happy about what seems to be the preferential treatment I got in getting my maybe 40 foot of sidewalk stub replaced, however, this is a case of persistence paying off. Pictures to follow. My friend Evan suggests we christen the new pathway the T. Harris Memorial Causeway (but that makes it sound like I passed, which I have not. (Yet.)

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