03 February 2011

Serpents in the Snow

Columbia, Missouri got 18 inches of snow or so they said.

The University gave us three snow days and said don't come to work. It ain't safe to be here!

Motivation problems led to a mega-snow igloo transforming into a lowly serpent.
So we the good people of Columbia stayed home and worked and played and baked and some of us went and got our cars stuck in the snow. (Am I a bad person that I don't stop and help push someone in their snow-stuck car? I think they are insane for getting in a car to begin with during a snow event such as this. Maybe this is me justifying my unhelpfulness but I think helping them free their car from snow just encourages more snow-driving-behavior.)

Oh, my niece Natasha and I built a snow serpent in our neighbors yard this afternoon, too. -tre

Update: The City plowed our street around 5:00 Thursday afternoon.
Friends may now feel freer to bike or walk or drive over.

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