16 March 2011

Yes, he was that weird lookin'

I am NOT an ugly dog!
Me wife Lisa and I were doing some work on our upstairs apartment getting ready for the new tenant to move in.

Last weekend we moved downstairs a massive piece of furniture that three tenants ago left in the space. We put it out on the curb and and on Craig's List. Within an hour or three a woman showed up in a minvan and squatted the curb-score. Bring a single, overweight lady with the wrong vehicle to take this beast of an entertainment center away by herself, she waited. And waited.

I, of course, snapped pictures of her while she waited.

After an hour her man showed up in his pickup. He has on crutches. Things were not looking good for this couple to get their new piece home.

Being Good Samaritans, Lisa and I went out and helped them put that f*cker in his pick-up.

I couldn't help myself taking pictures of their brute of a dog. He was quite excited to help by getting underfoot and sniffing at the world. -tre

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