20 November 2011

Building Up

March 31 is about 130 days from now, but I am thinking about it more and more each day.

That's the day of Waukesha, Wisonsin's Trailbreaker Marathon.

The course description says to expect  a combination of 26.2 miles of road, smooth trail and rugged trail. Sounds exciting.

I see Shiny Happy People
Some allies and I look to run in that race. Could be snow, they say.

As a commitment to running this race in 130 days I got new shoes today. I always try on the running shoes I like, find the right size then ask the clerk if s/he's got any of these shoes from last year. That move always saves me ~$30 and today was no different.

The new shoes work great.

I took an 80 minute run at dusk today and my feet and the new Mizunos are fast friends. Thankfully.

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