17 March 2013

Almost a half

Today's run
Distance: 12 miles
Time: Somewhere near 1 hour, 35 minutes
Weather: Cool. 35 degrees with occasional snow and sleet

Next Saturday I'll run the Sedalia Half Marathon. Lisa and I did it two years ago. For my last long run before the race the weather did a repeat performance of that of race day 2011. Wind, light snow and some sleet today was minor compared to the blowing ice of our earlier race in Sedalia.

I felt good on today's route with only occasional tightness in my left Achilles tendon. I ran alone and had plenty of time to think about what I expect to do next weekend. I don't have a goal time rather I want to run fast and even and have as much fun as possible.

Big news: The new Greenbriar Trail neighborhood connection is open for business! This is definitely one for fans of hills!

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