31 January 2015

Running at sunset

As the days get longer, there is more light in the after work and early evening hours. Warmer weather goes along with that longer daylight. I love running in the early evening. The setting sun glows orange, then purple, then gray to black behind winter trees bare of leaves. Neighbors lights are on during these after work hours but the shades are not yet drawn. Running by I glace in picture windows to see families getting ready for dinner. Some are already entranced by the flickering light of their idiot boxes.
Repo Man (1984)

I turned on my idiot box last night and immediately felt my i.q. drop 7 points. I quickly popped in the old standby 1984's Repo Man, which is still brilliant. After a monologue about bus riding providing ample thought time, Tracey Walter's character sums up the scene with the line "The more you drive, the dumber you are." I am mostly in agreement. Biking, walking and busing get me more in touch with the environment and my neighborhood. Driving breeds resentment in me towards my fellow Columbians who choose to pollute around town in their coffins on wheels.

Running again after recovering from a bout of plantar fasciitis, I take things slow. I try not to cover large territory or do anything too fast. I am in this race for life not to win it.

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