21 July 2010

Fills the void.

Took a run this morning on my favorite loop from home. Running in the morning truly makes me feel powered-up for the whole day. Well, if the truth be told the run gets some credit for fueling my day as does all the food I eat when I get to work. I am always hungry these days (A growth spurt, maybe?)

We bike/ped advocates need to warn our audiences when we are preaching the virtues of active transportation to them that their grocery and eating out budgets must increase if they are planning to increase their regular bicycling and walking.

It's all good though. Especially, the snacking. Mmmm. Starbucks scones. (NOW I remember why I started baking scones at home and taking them to work when I was formerly employed here: I routinely toss money at any place that has baked goods. Where's that scone recipe again? This lifestyle may get expensive.)

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