16 July 2010

Sweating around the City.

The July is exceptionally hot. Maybe every July is hot. Maybe I was just in Zambia as a Peace Corps volunteer and imagined that no place can be as hot as tropical Africa. Maybe.

I am immensely enjoying being home in Columbia, Missouri. Running here is great. People don't stare at me like they did in Zambia (where running is kinda an aberration.) Bicycling here is wonderful. My new job has me talking to and eventually working with places around the state that are not as well-endowed with bike paths and sidewalks as is Columbia. The goal? Help Missouri communities build more places fit for physical activity. Biking. Walking. Maybe even stargazing...

Another bonus of being home is that I can garden without Zambians either telling me not to garden or how they would garden. Advice is nice sometimes but I can garden just fine all... by... myself. As I see fit. The way I want. Ah, freedom.

It is good to be home. Even if it is stupid hot.

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  1. You might like this initiative I just ran across, brother: http://www.peopleforbikes.org/