25 April 2011

Start seeing (wet) bicyclists

I love this weather. Wet, cool, the earth getting ready for summer's growth. This is great bicycling weather, too.*

*"What?" you say. Say what. As a bicyclist who rides 361 days a year ( I took four days off for ice when I walked this winter) it remains important to be out in the streets and visible (the ice was NOT at all safe to ride on. I fell once on my bike). Drivers seeing bicyclists like me on rainy days remains an important thing. Drivers seeing bicyclists like me in all weather know helps them understand that we exist every day of the year.

During today's late afternoon rain I rode several blocks down Columbia's College Avenue. This is not a street bicyclists in Columbia commonly ride down. It is busy, noisy and features skinny travel lanes but I did not die. Not even close. A half-dozen cars maybe had to move over into the other lane to pass me. I like the idea of taking local roads back from auto-domination. There is no law (expect the law of convention and maybe common sense) that says to avoid riding bicycles on College Avenue. I will ride on College and Providence and the Business Loop again when the mood strikes me and it seems safe and makes sense.

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