11 January 2012

Favorite five

Today's run

Distance: 5.38 miles
Time: 40 minutes.
Weather/time: 40F at 5:20pm.
Traffic: Rush hour. Ugh! Cars everywhere. The best I can say is I lived to tell.

This route is my most run route. You might say it is my favorite route. You might say that. I gravitate to running these sidewalks of Columbia's near-southwest for a simple reason: there are generally long blocks with little to no cross-traffic. Once I get west of Stadium traffic all the way to Rollins @ Fairview is almost a non-issue. Few drivers choose to leave the arterial streets to navigate neighborhood streets. I guess all drivers are headed to some big box store or wherever people go in their cars between 5:00 and 6:00pm. A similar cross-traffic-free segment of this run extends from Rollins Road @ Chapel Hill all the way up to Limerick Lane @ Chapel Hill. Navigating the Schnuck's zone is hairy but once across Stadium Blvd. the runner finds low-traffic neighborhood streets all the way to the end of hims run.

Bonus! Super-exciting yesterday was that me and three other humans + dog were waiting for a walk light at the Forum @ Stadium intersection island! That's five count 'em five sentient beings who chose active transportation randomly gathered at one common spot at one time. (It is almost Manhattan-like!) The others temporarily assembled there did not appear as excited as I was at the presence of so many peoples using our pedestrian-actuated timers. It felt like a movement. The Alice's Restaurant Mass-a-cree movement? A traffic movement? Talkin' 'bout a revolution? It sounds... like... a whisper (heard between the roar of traffic.)

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