07 January 2012

Urban fringes

Today's run.

Distance: 9.2 miles
Time: ~80 minutes. Not sure. My watch is lost.
Weather/time: 40F at 9:4:0am.
Traffic: Anywhere from light to insanely thick.

I got out not-too-early on Saturday morning for a loop through the less-developed northwest quarter of Our Fair City. Who knew Parkside Drive where the City Mulch Site connects with Stadium Blvd? Well, it does. Sort of. Beware navigating a crossing from the North side of Business Loop 70 just West of Aldi's to southbound West Blvd. It takes patience for a break in the steady flow of Saturday traffic. Making a leap across pavement like this tests my patience with our rampant car culture. By maintaining positive thoughts about it all I end the run relaxed and knowing I just did something good for my body, brain and St. Louis Marathon finish time.

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