18 January 2012

Keeping promises

Today's run

Distance: 5.67 miles
Time: Not sure. Watch still lost.
Weather/time: 30F at 5:00pm.
Traffic: Thick as a Brick.

There is no such thing as a bad run. If I ever get hit by a car or bit by a bigg dog maybe I'll change my tune. but those things I will not let happen. With my running partner out of town it becomes more important to motivate myself. With Mike on vacation there is no one expecting me to meet at some crazy early hour or after work to get in a run. There is no one to ask if we can dial it up a bit on a run. (He never asks me to slow up the pace, which tells me who is getting pushed in these workouts and who is the pusher.)

Yesterday I told myself I was going to run. I was going to get out and push myself. The early morning hours came and went. I think I woke up at 7:00am. No run then. After work and before last night's meeting I got it in. I want to run under 3:30 at the St. Louis marathon. That race happens in circa 89 days. To be best prepared, I need to run a range of runs. I need to sleep eight hours and eat good food. But maybe most importantly I need to keep promises to others and to myself. To step out the door and take a run.

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