22 January 2012

You are trotting!

Today's Run

Distance: 12.5 miles
Time: ~90 minutes. Maybe more.
Weather/time: 32F at 8:15am.
Traffic: Light.

One of the times I most love running is when there is some special weather happening AND no one else is out. I don't mind fellow runners and bicyclists in spandex, but too many cars on the road harshes my mellow, as they say. This morning was perfect running weather. Right at freeezing, overcast skies and patches of fog. When I turned South on Paris Road I was immersed in a swath of fog that made trees disappear into clouds at four feet. The air was heavy with moisture but no rain fell.

I ramped up from 10 to 12 miles for my longest run of the season. That small bump up and I feel like I am in new territory again. There is a big difference between going for a long run that takes an hour or so and being out for closer to two hours. Three hours. My truly long runs these days are more about taking a tour by foot of a lot of Columbia than about an aerobic activity. And I love it. I get to rediscover the unique things about my town. I saw the horses out at Stephen's College Equestrian Center eating their grasses. I ran on the new crosswalks and sidewalks along Rangeline near Vandiver that are in use (and not just by me.) I experienced spots with cryptic gaps in the sidewalk near seemingly high pedestrian traffic spots while amazing six-foot wide sidewalks are in place elsewhere where little ped activity exists.

I saw that and so much more on my run. Or as the Zambian enthusiastically yelled out to me a few years ago "You are trotting!"

See you in the streets,

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