01 January 2012

Today I ran around.

Today's Run

Distance: 10.5 miles
Time: I didn't wear me watch. I think I had more fun than had I worn it.
Weather: ~37, sunny and and windy
Traffic: Light. New Year's Day

I recognize the feeling I get when I can comfortably run and stay strong doing it for 10 miles. Into higher miles the run becomes about sustaining the pace then increasing the pace.

Near the start I saw my form in a store window downtown on Broadway. I was slouching and shuffling. Old duffer. I rediscovered my form (I think I lost it let me know if you come across it.) and the next 9 miles were mostly smooth. I had a kick at the end, which always tells me I was holding something back on the run. For what? Lunch?

Today's run incorporated several long hills. I huffed and puffed and cruised up them then cruised down the other side.  Sore thighs at mile 8.5.

Say, say, say! If you run in Columbia would you tell me where you like to run. I want to discover some new running routes. Thank you.

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