06 January 2012

Up some hills. Down some hills.

Today's run.

Distance: 4.72 miles
Time: 39 minutes
Weather: 50F at 5:30pm.
Traffic: Light

I love that time in the evening just after rush hour (or rush half-hour here). That time when most car commuters are home or wherever they needed to go. The streets are quiet. Cooking smells are in the air. Fried chicken on Alexander last night made me want to stop mid-run for a snack however 1) I was not invited and 2) that kinda food no longer fits my lower cholesterol 'lifestyle'. *sigh*

With limited time to run because of dinner plans with friends I made the most of what was available by focusing on hill running. There are some big mothers in the Olde Southwest part of Columbia and I ran them. Up and down. Only 39 minutes but a great run just the same. Warmer weather makes training deep into winter so. Much. Easier.

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