29 January 2012

What's there to be so Smiley about?

Today's run

Distance: 13.41 miles. A half-marathon and some change.
Time: 115 minutes
Weather/time: 45F at 5:00pm.
Traffic: Moderate. It is Sunday when people like to get in their cars and, you know, go for a Sunday drive.

Since north Columbia remains vague to me I thought I'd build a run around covering the length of Smiley Lane. Smiley is an East-West arterial road (I am guessing) that traverses the far north side of town. The north side with its low-density housing and big yards and general identity-lessness. The sidewalks in this zone were more or less constant (there is a significant gaps from Providence west a block or so.) The pedestrian situation at the Vandiver/Oakland Gravel/Paris Road intersection needs some help.

Immediately after the run I am sore with little left. It is hard to think about how this was a half-marathon and the race I signed up for is two of those.

I had images from the movie I started watching last night and finished this morning. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is a 1962 British story about an independent-minded guy who gets hisself into a home for troubled boys thanks to a crime he does when he needs cash money to support the family now that his Dad has died. He runs not to please his Governor at the home but himself. I recommend it. The heroes girlfriend was played by an actress named Topsy Jane. Really. Let me know if you want to see it you can borrow my copy if you can't find one at your local Salvation Army thrift score like I did.

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