03 February 2012

Quiet before the storm

Today's run
Weather: Too warm for February 3. I think we humans broke the weather.
Traffic: None @ 5:30am
Time: ~50 minutes

My running partner was unavailable (zzzzzzzzzzzz....) so I set out solo on the almost seven mile loop from my house, around Stephens Lake Park and back. It was clear when I started out but now as the morning sky comes into focus more after sunrise there is a solid cloud cover. Sharon Ray told us to expect rain all day today.

I feel strong as the marathon gets closer. The Sedalia Half Marathon may be calling as a warm up next month. I love the quiet of the morning punctuated by only a few bird songs, malfunctioning droning street lights and the sound of me breathing. Deeply and evenly. I run for exercise yes but also for the solitude and the space. My best thoughts come to me when I am on a run. I may not recall them when I get home and on with my day, but there is a certain clarity I enjoy after a solid workout.

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