08 February 2012

See me, hear me, touch me

Me wore my yellow LG windbreaker so as to be seen when running today during Columbia's rush half-hour. Traffic seems more as time goes on here. I guess that's the way of the world. I can't do much about that except do my own thing and be the change I want others to see in the world. Being yellow made me feel safer as least. (Don't text and run.)

Today's run
Weather: Cold (and I dressed way too warmly)
Traffic: Mad traffic @ 5:30pm Wednesday
Time: 43 minutes

On the run I felt way strong. Me realized on this afternoon's run that the race I am training for isn't the goal at all. Or it ain't the main goal. The main goal is to be in the now. When I run in the now, when I bicycle around town in the now everything is so much more vivid and alive and no I am not on drugs, thank you. (except the Simvaststatin cholesterol-reducing pill that my hotel-building physician put me on year-before-last.) But I digress. Again.
Yeah, I will run a race or three this year. I feel the greatest accomplishment however now from being in the present and being consistent in my training (and in my bicycle commuting and bus riding). When I run strong I know that I am the race. Me already won the race. Someone else can cross the finish line first. For me none of this is about winning or beating someone else to the tape. It's about being happy and meeting my goals every single day.

Today I am thankful for health and the time and space to run and run and run and fun in the sun. Well done. Hot dog bun. Your sister's a nun. Wearing a reflective habit, natch.

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