18 February 2012

Winter Float

The Missouri River in February is a special thing.
A few weeks ago I thought about what I most wanted to do for my birthday. Since there is no good skeeball in Columbia these days and I am taking a long run tomorrow floating popped to the top of the list. Floating remains for me an extremely fun way to be with my friends, get out in nature and see some places I rarely get to visit.

When I called my friends Andy, Eric and Mike to see if they were game they all responded with enthusiastic yesses. (I am blessed to have a trio of friends willing to hop on the Big Muddy in mid-February for lucky 13 miles.)

We four lodged at Glasgow, Missouri's East Acres Motel. This accommodation is highly recommended for the friendly hostess and the free chocolates made by members of the Glasgow Senior Center and freely shared with the sweet-tooth travelers. Come Saturday morning we launched our two canoes on the Missouri River on my birthday eve. The skies were clear with temps at 9:00am around 35 degrees. I had so many layers on it was hard to move. Best to overreact to conditions, I always say.

Here are some of the images from today's self-propelled trip along the Big Muddy: Glasgow to Lisbon, Missouri.

The author up close and personal.

Andy enjoying his first ever Missouri River float. Welcome to my native waters!

Energy being recycled.

The river eating some industrial junk for lunch.


The 2.18.2012 cast.

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