23 February 2012

Go. Do it.

Today's run
Time: I forget.
Distance: 6.2 miles
Traffic: Too many cars for 6:30am.

It was one of those mornings when I was 100% not motivated to run.

Maybe you have had those. Maybe not. Maybe you don't run.

Maybe you wonder why you are wasting your time reading this. There's no accounting for taste as they say.

Regardless, the sunrise this morning was bright orange and pink through the clouds that later cleared. Watch the cracks in the Broadway sidewalk! Or maybe watch the fragments of sidewalk amidst the cracks that are now larger than the sidewalk. Seriously. The attuned ear catches spring peepers singing their tune of being born from the puddles and ponds. Their home is the wet spots tucked here and there in our urban landscape. No one else using Stephens Lake Parkat 6:30am. A few dogwalkers were out sharing the quiet morning with their canines.

How did it all get so good?

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