22 April 2012

And now for the next half-dozen marathons.

A week ago I completed my sixth marathon in 3 hours, 50 minutes.

The finish time was not earth shattering, but I am pleased to be holding my own as I get older. I thought I was better prepared than ever before to run the long distance with a minimum of distress. It still hurt.

On track for a 3:35 finish through 18 miles the last 8 were... painful (is the only word that really completes this sentence honestly.) Whatever. It is over.

I want to start doing some trail running now, continue bicycle riding and generally stay ready for some shorter races. Throw a half marathon or a 5K at me please. Doing marathons well takes a training commitment that I don't think I have in me. Never say never but I may be retired from marathoning. You may have read it here first.

Immediately after the race and still with a heap-of-sore in our leggs, Lisa and I took off for a few days at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. We hiked, we camped, we found out there are still dry counties out there. Taking a short trip or two right now makes sense. I got let go from my last job a few weeks ago and it was nice to get away from the focus of a job hunt to see some different landscapes. We enjoyed the rolling oak covered hills, the meandering streams and the fresh air of Western Kentucky. We did not enjoy the poison ivy, ticks and constant airplanes overhead.

A campsite at Mammoth Cave National Park
A stone at one of the 81 cemeteries maintained within the national park.

Bonus: On the drive home I even scored a mint copy of John Mellencamp's 'Scarecrow' and then some at a resale store in Owensboro, Kentucky on the way home. On International Record Store Day to boot! We pulled off the road in Owensboro to find the World's Largest Sassafras Tree cited in our Rand McNally. Alas, it was not findable in the real world but some LPs were.

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