08 April 2012

In the long run

This afternoon I set out to run for three hours. Why? Next Sunday I plan to run for 3.5 hours. At least that's the goal. St. Louis Marathon = 26.2 miles. I feel physically if not 100% psychically ready.

Today I covered almost 18 miles in 2 hours, 38 minutes. At the end my legs ached. A lot. My general attitude about running was lowest then especially when I realized that if I hurt after 2.5 hours I will feel even more wrecked after 3.5 hours.

I'd rather not dwell on that. Instead I will focus on all the cool landscapes and Easter parties and other runners sweating it out that I saw on today's long run.

The weather was perfect. Traffic was light. My heart was light since I was done with all my social Easter obligations. A young kid on his trampoline cheered at me near the end of my run. I found a pitchfork in the trash on my street on the same day that my friend Andy told me he sought a pitchfork. Free is always good.

Andy and I started the day early going on a rock run. This means we drove my truck along rock cuts on state highways near my house in search of good rocks that have fallen from rock cut walls. (I called MoDOT a year or so ago to make sure that's legal. It is, thank you.) Andrew and I picked up what we could without herniating ourselves. We brought two loads of nice limestones home and plopped dem all down in Andy's evolving home landscape.

Combined with my long run, the cross-training of the rock grab makes for a quite physically active day. The obesity epidemic should remain at bay for one more day...

*Additional victory: I finally patched that flat on my everyday beater bike that had kept me borrowing me wife's bike for a week or so. Thanks for the loaner Lisa but I am proud to report that I am again an independent bicyclist.

See you in the streets (on my old faithful Schwinn Searcher),

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