20 May 2012

Tried Transit

Last Thursday May 17th was Try Transit Day here in Columbia. With a little help from its friends Columbia Transit had its highest ever single-day ridership. 3,454 rides were recorded. This beats the previous record of 2,961, which occurred on last year's Try Transit Day. We broke the record by almost 500 rides.

In all the excitement I got to serve as a Transit Ambassador. This meant I hung out at the Wabash bus station and rode the bus and talked up the bus and a bunch of raffle prizes to regular and new bus riders. I spent a couple hours talking with total strangers about the bus, their history with the bus, their time in Columbia, and the nature of re-purposing cheap refrigerator magnets with pictures of one's friend. (It doesn't work so well with the cheapest magnets, don't you know.)

Lisa said this role matched my personality. Maybe I liked it a bit too much seeing as how I got so caught up in talking to bus riders that I forget my Very Special Transit Ambassador information packet on the bus. Mistakes happen. We still broke a record.

The Columbia Transit schedule is here.

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