23 May 2012

Worley Street redux

The resurfacing of Worley Street was a needed thing and I am glad the City did it. Now when are we going to get the crosswalks and stop bars repainted at the intersection of West Blvd and Worley Street? That is a highly foot-trafficked intersection that require more traffic control than a stop light to keep drivers out of the pedestrian crossing zone. With the health department and an elementary school adjacent to this intersection and transit stops with a block on Worley this is a critical place for pedestrian safety measures. No response yet from my call to City of Columbia Streets Division.

Also, tomorrow's announcement about the new transit initiative by Mayor McDavid looks promising.

Update: Late last month Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid announced FASTCat, a student-centric bus route for downtown Columbia. The new route is to start this August and be funded largely by payments from downtown student housing developers. More details here.

FASTCat sounds promising. Sure, one set of developers will benefit most at the outset but the whole idea of targeted marketing of the bus to users who drive but for whom the bus makes sense in a limited environment makes a lot of sense. As FASTCat launches I welcome City of Columbia staff and elected leaders working more over time with other developers, local institutions and major employers to get Columbians out of their cars and choosing more active transportation, which includes the bus.

Also, still no stopbars nor crosswalks on Worley. I called the City's Streets Division today (again) and requested (again) that we the Walking Public get our missing infrastructure back. The school population and health department patrons deserve safe accommodations, thank you.

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