04 November 2012

Gear up.

My new winter ally against the elements on the bike commute.
I broke down yesterday and got a new jacket for winter bike commuting. (Bonus: This one is the exact same jacket I already prefer plus me found it on the clearance rack at the St. Louis REI store. Livin' right, I say.)

The old model traveled to Zambia and back and now after five continuous years as my primary winter bike commuting covering the old jacket sports a frayed lining. Where it is frayed I sometimes get wet when it rains. That's all good when it is warm. Wet shoulders in summer? Bring it on. When the mercury drops and I am wet beneath my shell? Not completely pleasurable.

Not much of a gear-junkie, I thought I'd share the new raincoat so that you Dear Blog Reader - who may be considering bicycle commuting or are already out in the streets - could see what a 363 day per year pedaller prefers. (On the other two or so days/year when ice covers Mother Earth I wear a wool coat and wait for the bus.)

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