20 November 2012

Today's run

Today's run
Distance: 7.18 miles
Pace: 7:40 pace
Time: 55 minnutes

Evening run through the streets of northwest Columbia, Missouri. Warm evening. Easy start for mile 1 then kicked it in. Covered a solid 7 miles at even pace. I expect to be ready in a week or so for a 10 mile race I aim to run down at McBaine. Thanks to global climate change the weather should stay warm like this and help keep my motivation up for more long runs, short runs, track runs, anything. I love this weather. I know, I know. We'll get our winter. For now it feels like an extended summer except with early sunsets and Christmas presents.

This whole vegan thing isn't working out as I thought it would. After long runs I crave an omelet. Fruit and sorbet don't fill me like a burly egg sandwich. As a mostly vegan I dropped 10 pounds in the last 1-2 months.

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