05 February 2013

A new way to get hit by car.

Drivers keep coming up with new and creative ways to ignore bicyclists. Check this one out:

Today I was minding my own business riding on the bicycle lane on West Boulevard near my home.  I was riding defensively luckily for me. Looking ahead a half-block I witnessed the operator of a motor vehicle back out onto the street.

Then another motor vehicle operator backed their car onto the street in front of the first. The driver in front drives away. By this time I am upon the car idling in the street yet in my space. The bicycle lane. What does the driver do but proceed to turn in front of me back into her driveway! I stopped right up against the car. Luckily, the driver stopped her car. I caught my breath and backed behind the car. As I was pedaling on the outside of the stopped car an Older American rolled down her window and honeyed me. "Are you alright?"

How could I yell (what I really wanted to do) at an old lady? I couldn't.

I did tell her I was fine but that I need her to start seeing bicycles.

Pedalers beware! Here is a new-to-me way to get clobbered by car drivers. I don't think it is a conspiracy rather general and widespread driver self-absorption.

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