08 February 2013

Overcast with a chance of traffic and mud

Today's run

Duration: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Distance: 9.7 miles
The State of the World:
  • Overcast.
  • Tons of car traffic on Broadway and Scott Blvd.
  • Generally positive thoughts in my head.

Being granted the afternoon off work (not for good behavior rather in exchange for working Sunday morning) I made best use of my time and ran long.

The first 5+ miles were sidewalks along car-choked Broadway and Scott Blvd. The last ~4 miles were on the MKT Trail from Scott Blvd to near downtown. This run was two different runs. The first half dodging cars turning across me. The second half MKT trail. Birds. Runners. Mud puddles. Colder.

I felt strong until near the end when me legs started having that old leaden feeling at long distances. 30 degrees today. 6 weeks until thee Sedalia Half Marathon. I registered this week.

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